1st Thorpe celebrates it's 100th birthday

1st Thorpe double celebration: The afternoon of Sunday 3rd March 2013 saw the largest number of people ever to have attended the grounds of 1st Thorpe Scout Group on Common Lane.

Baked by a 7 year old Beaver and his Mum.

We were having a double celebration, firstly to mark the groups 100th birthday and secondly the completion of a major refurbishment of the den.

The den at the grounds now was built for £100 in 1972 to replace a Nissen Hut. However, over the years it has been suffering from subsidence and has been used by thousands of children making it rather tired.

Some major building work was required which involved demolishing half the building and inserting steel pilings several meters into the ground. Stronger roof beams, new non slip floor, external cladding (funded by a donation from a former Scout), insulation and new efficient heaters has made a den suitable for another 30 years. A brand new galley was also installed by local company Bartech Services which replaces the 2nd hand kitchen units, cooker and sink that we have acquired during phases over the years.

Hundreds attended the den on 3rd March (only a few weeks after the building was handed back to us) to celebrate the reopening and 100th birthday of the group. Tully Walker, group president, was there to cut the cake and Fr Barry Oake blessed the building. Former Scouts, some going back 50 years, met with old friends and leaders and mixed with youngsters who are carrying on the tradition of learning the life skills that go with Scouting. The Beaver section sang some songs, Cubs told us about activities they do and Scouts had a tug of war with Port and Starboard watch tugging against each other- I’m not sure one end of the rope should have been tied around a tree though!

Cubs This is where it all happens Our group president We teach Cubs how to safely build and light fires.

Volunteers of all ages spent time baking cakes and stalls were there providing entertainment, making some much needed funds for the group. A magician kept some of the younger children entertained inbetween games of cricket that the Cubs organised. Above all it was fantastic to reunite former members of 1st Thorpe.

A week after the event we were astonished with the donations that had been made, with one anonymous donation of £500- if you are reading this, thank you!

The plaque Scouts tug of war The new sign

Scouting is great at bringing generations of Thorpe St Andrew together.